Project Description
A library that enable programmers to access QQ much easier via code

Before I develop this project, I tried to make a automatic chatting robot., I found its really hard, especially how to control a QQ acount sending or receiving messages.

After a long research i found out that WebQQ is the most easiest way to logon on to a qq acount and start chating. Before this i considered about control a Windows QQ form, but i can't get handle of any button or textbox.

Now I have done this project, everybody can be benefit from this!

1.Logon to a qq account
2.Keep online
3.Recieve messages and notifications (any)
4.Send a message(Text,face,pictures any message; can be sent ansync; peronal message or group message)
5.Grab friend list
6.Grab friend information
7.Grab group list

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